Skills Development Education Centre (SDEC) was established in 1999 and started with a small beginning of pre-school classes. Since then, it has gained the trust and support of the people. Today, we have become one of the popular private international schools in Myanmar providing quality education.

SDEC is now running pre-school, kindergarten, primary and secondary levels with expert, well-qualified and experienced teachers. SDEC also has Summer Classes for English Proficiency and IGCSE Exam Preparation Classes.

SDEC prescribes UK, Singapore and USA Syllabuses. There are two semesters in one academic year, commencing from June to March.

The driving force for the creation of this SDEC was the need for students to learn quality academic skills in a wholesome environment in the context of our culture and to be strong in academic subjects such as Myanmar and English languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Information Technology. Best textbooks were prescribed and appropriate teaching technology is integrated. Experienced educators from in and abroad are also consulted from time to time as need arises.

SDEC has been striving consistently exceeding to expectations in secular education. Our desire is to see every student encouraged and motivated to become all that society expects them as globally competitive citizens. Most importantly, emphasis is given to develop in spiritual or ethical and in communicative skills areas so that the students will become good and competent citizens for our country.


To empower students with high quality education by challenging them to excel intellectually, emotionally, physically, culturally and socially through integrated teaching with a global focus and a vision for tomorrow.


To enable students become globally competitive Myanmar citizens through:
  • Nurturing independent students to reach their full potential with standardized balanced international Curriculum and up-to-date teaching approaches.
  • Fostering globally competitive and civilized students to appreciate Myanmar tradition and culture.
  • Preparing all learners develop into educated, productive, responsible and involved citizens in an ever-changing world.


Principal’s Message

Preparing next generations to become competent global world citizens through schooling to meet adequately the everchanging world society has been the consistent biggest headache for Education Policy Makers in every good Government of all nations for ages. When a taskforce of elite educators brainstormed together to formulate a future world standard Education system in the early 1970s for ‘The Schooling Society’ of us, they accidentally struck a new term and coined it as ‘Deschooling Society’. Promptly, Ivan D, Illich, a prominent educator from Latin America jot down the ideas in a booklet and published world-wide. Only a very few people could contain the notion then. Now, it inevitably becomes a must and a reality world-wide today. It is rapidly precipitated probably due to the Covid-19 world pandemic. It is paving the new and alternative modern way of schooling for 21st century education system using up-to-date IT technology fully via online education system. Surprisingly, I also discovered that the founding fathers of our SDEC- Skills Development Education Center in the early 2000s proffered to promote vital Skills Development to be given priority in education for the students as the foundation aim of their learning. It will enhance for the next stage of their education with a wealth of experiences in the wider world. This becomes the best we could offer for the preparation of children we are entrusted in our school. SDEC has already established itself as a premiere international school in Myanmar with its stated Vision, Goal, Aim and Mission. Bravo! Let’s raise our hands up in appreciation of their farsightedness. As Principal, it is my delight and pride to be here in this time of sudden societal change to promote togetherness, creating positive climate for learning. We have to strengthen working together harmoniously hand in hand of the tripartite partnership of well-qualified and devoted teachers, eager and vibrant students and reliably understanding parents to enable quality education through networking physically and technologically.

Let us not forget that we all are life-long learners, gladly would we learn and teach to empower our children for their rewarding lives, successful careers and making their mark in our society to their fullest ability. This is facilitated fully not only by the teachers’ curriculum know-how but also by giving of love, warmth, empathy and genuineness in performing enjoyably their noble education tasks daily added by wholesome social dealings on humanitarian grounds. The dedicated and docile teachers know no burden. A professional is someone who can do his best work, when he doesn’t feel like it.

With kind regards,
Dr. C. Thang Za Tuan