Academics: Developing Academic Aptitudes

Ensuring Excellent Education: Excellence for tomorrow in educating and inspiring young minds
SDEC strives for the highest goals in school achievement. Our teachers’ average tenure is nearly 5 years at SDEC, along with an average work experience of 10 years. Continued education for teachers is a must.

Each individual is unique, endowed with a variety of talents. The differences between students are linked to their various talents, and it seems indispensable that their education take this into account. One of the determining elements of our development in this field has been the taking into greater consideration of these multiple intelligences so well described by Howard Gardner.

The content of the academic programs at SDEC, like everywhere else, favors developing diverse talents called Multiple Intelligences such as:

The neglect of multiple intelligences hinders the development of an entire and essential side of each student. All those who are helped to develop their full potential will be more engaged, competent, and determined to use their talents in the service of society.

We will accomplish this with a central principle: “work for excellence” which has improved the balance between the relation of the academic results and good conduct of students, on one hand, and their autonomy and privileges, on the other.